How can we keep true friends?

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  • Student says:

    How I can keep a true friend is keep in touch with them, like talk on the phone or out to a movie and if they are far away and you can’t do those things, you could do if they wore here. Some of the things you could do are e-mail them, send them a note or phone them. Another way you could stay in touch is go to the mall, have a play date or if you have a phone you could text and send them a picture to them.

    by: Amanda 🙂

  • Student says:

    One of the ways we can keep are true friends is by
    staying in touch. you can do this by hanging out
    with each other. for say going to a movie. if you
    do not do this, you may never see each other again after
    high school. this thing happend to my dad his best
    friend in high school was killed in an avalanche.
    my dad really wishes he got to know him better
    after high school. He will always regret it.

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