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Customers benefit from the flexibility and transparency of this service thanks to its fair terms, a minimum contract period from just one month, and a subsequent purchase option applying to all lease items. MediaMarkt’s leasing partner is Berlin fintech company Grover. Apologies if this has bee answered previously. I need to buy a mobile phone (handy), preferably a smartphone in Austria. My phone (a Samsung S5) that I brought with me from Australia has died. I have a vodafone sim which I can use in any Eu country, so it is only the phone I need. At the moment I am in Germany and it has proved virtually impossible to buy a phone herebbwithout being a resident. Is it the same in Austria. Ingolstadt, 13.08.2018: Smartphones have become our multifunctional companions throughout the day and for many people they’re now indispensable. But using them so much exposes them to considerable wear and tear.

And sometimes one false move is all it takes for your phone to get broken – which for many of us is a complete disaster! But help is at hand. While-you-wait repairs are now available from MediaMarkt stores all over Germany without an appointment, providing first aid when necessary for phones made by all major manufacturers. Proficient technicians treat your treasured handset and put it back in working order in just one or two hours for a reasonable price with battery replacement starting at €49 and screen repairs costing from €79. All prices and further information are available in local stores as well as online at www.mediamarkt.de/handy-reparatur. In den USA betreibt Ecoatm nach eigenen Angaben rund 4.000 solcher Automaten, die im Schnitt bisher über 5.000 Geräte angenommen haben. Das summiert sich dann auf die Summe von 21 Millionen Geräten. Wöchentlich sammelt Ecoatm in den USA mittlerweile 100.000 Geräte ein. Nach dem Start in Großbritannien mit 30 Automaten ist Ecoatm jetzt auch in Deutschland vertreten. Auf die kurze Pilotprojektphase bei Media Markt angesprochen, erklärt Ecoatm-Europamanager Christoph Janeba: „Wir möchten uns am deutschen Markt etablieren, gerne mit Media Markt zusammen, im Zweifelsfall aber auch ohne Media Markt.“ Den Elektronikmarkt betrachtet Janeba als perfekten Partner, sieht aber noch Potential für weitere Standorte oder Partner.

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