Agreement To Treat Goods

(c) the quantities covered in paragraph (e) were expressed in quantities exceeding the quantities covered at point b) for which: b) a commodity exported to the territory of another contracting party is in the same condition as when imported into the territory of the contracting party from which the goods were exported.1 If the goods were mixed with fungal products and exported to the same state. their origin can be determined for the purposes of this paragraph on the basis of inventory management methods such as first-in, first-out or first-in, the first out. For better security, no provision in this paragraph should be construed as allowing a contracting party to waive, return or reduce a tariff, which is contrary to paragraph 2, point c; 5811.00.30 (padded manmade) or 6307.90.99 (furniture moving dosettes) or Canadian tariff positions 5811.00.10 (padded cotton items) 5811.11 00.5811.00.20 (men`s feathered items) or 6307.90.30 (furniture removal dosettes), which are subject on 11 August to the most favoured right, if they are exported to the territory of the other party; and Federacion), August 11, 2014, for customs posts under the agreement that amends and sets the classification and codification of hydrocarbons and petroleum products, the Ministry of Energy ” (Acuerdo que modification al diverso por el que establece la clasificacién y codificacién de Hidrocarburos y Petrélferos cuya importaén y export Permiso Previo por parte de la Secretariat de Energéa) published on March 4, 2005. December 2017, in the Official Journal of Mexico (Diario Oficial de la Federacion), Mexico`s rights and obligations under the WTO agreement, including transparency and non-discriminatory treatment; and print advertising, products classified in Chapter 49 of the harmonized system, including brochures, brochures, brochures, commercial catalogues, directories published by professional associations, tourist advertising materials and posters used for advertising, advertising or advertising for a good or service, are primarily intended to promote a good or service and are delivered free of charge; 4 For greater security, Canada retains its rights and obligations under the WTO agreement on Class X. d agricultural products) tariffs on native products in Category (d) do not apply to quantities covered in point (b) as of January 1 of the quota11. b) This paragraph applies to goods classified in the following tariff items: 0402.10.10.c) This TRQ is awarded on a dairy basis, i.e. from August 1 to July b) Only bulk goods (not intended for retail) that are used as ingredients for the subsequent processing of foodstuffs (secondary products) are imported under this QRA.

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