Learning Agreement Erasmus Modello

5. Learning Agreement (Studies_en_completo) N.B. If the Department of Foreign Affairs has decided to provide the course only in the presence of the first semester, you should be concerned about the authorization to leave the www.unica.it/unica/it/ass_erasmus_studio_20_21.page page and subscribe to the authorization available on the same page. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. 6. Transcript of Records – UNICA (to be delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs if necessary. After completion, request a signature and a stamp by email from Ismoka erasmus1920@unica.it). Please fill out the form in English and send it back by email without changing the format. After being approved by the teacher, the student must have signed the apprenticeship agreement at the foreign headquarters and put it online in the “student space” of the International Office (N.B website: it is necessary to log in to access the student area and download the document).

The model of the apprenticeship agreement must be used by students participating in mobility with the Erasmus programme Studio.Il apprenticeship agreement is the basic instrument for recognising activities abroad. It is also possible that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will ask you for the minutes of the examinations taken so far at the University of Cagliari. Once you have completed the document in English without changing the format, we invite you to send it to ISMOKA erasmus2021@unica.it, as you will receive it with stamp and signature to your email address. All students are required to conclude the apprenticeship contract at Uniweb in the following periods: For the provision of final documents, it is essential to make an appointment with the Student Mobility Sector within 10 days of the date of return of the period of mobility abroad, sending an email to crediti@unica.it. See the presentation of the activities proposed by the ESN Student Association. The three contracting parties agree to comply with all agreed provisions to ensure that the student can benefit from direct recognition of the studies or internships carried out in Imausland. 3. Transcript of Records (published by the host institution).

N.B if your goal is SUISSE, you must sign the corresponding financial agreement for Switzerland. The agreement defines the program or internship to be followed and is approved by the student and the institution, the organization or the company of origin and destination before the exchange. The duration of mobility varies from at least 3 months to a maximum of 12 months: the student can retire several times during his university career, but no more than 12 months of total mobility for each cycle (undergraduate, 2nd cycle and 3rd cycle).

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