Air Bubble Agreement India And Netherlands

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has signed a new air bubble agreement with the Netherlands and Rwanda. India can now travel to these countries without permission as part of the flight blowing system. Rwanda and the Netherlands are the most recent countries to have air bubble agreements with India, bringing the total to 21 destinations. The bilateral corridor allows international flights between the two countries without the need to register with the government for flight authorizations. Passengers can book directly with airlines for commercial flights not scheduled under the Vande Bharat Mission and the Bubble Air Transport Arrangement. Apart from these flights to and from India, they will be suspended until 30 November 2020 in order to contain the pandemic. Regarding the air bubble with the Netherlands, a circular from the Ministry of Civil Aviation states: “From the 1st It created an air bubble with the Netherlands on November 1, 2020 and would remain valid until the resumption of international scheduled flights between the two countries.” The circular also mentions that Indian nationals or nationals of Nepal or Bhutan stranded in an EU/Schengen, South American or African country, as well as all OIC and PIO card holders holding passports of a country, can travel on flights from the Netherlands to India. Hardeep Singh Puri, EU Minister of Civil Aviation, said that air blowing agreements between India and other countries have multiplied: “The mission to bring back stranded citizens began on 6 May 2020 and is now ready to be connected in Phase 7. International travel of more than 28 lakh people has been facilitated so far. India has just concluded an agreement on air bubbles with the Netherlands and Tanzania. With the addition of these two countries, the country`s air bubble regulation now extends to 20 destinations. The air bubble with the Netherlands will come into force on 1 November. India has built air bubbles with Tanzania and the Netherlands.

The total number of countries covered by this agreement has now reached 20. The travel bubble agreements with Bhutan and Kenya were put into operation in the first half of October. . . .

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