Fedex Transportation Services Agreement

Potential discounts: Often shippers can save money on certain shipments, but just as often shippers are unaware of these potential savings. In this context, a professional review of your contract can be beneficial to better understand the fine print of a FedEx agreement. If you check your contract and can have it negotiated for you, you save on average up to 20% per year. Learn more about how to help your business discover FedEx discounts and other savings options. You will receive a contractual amount based on the volume of delivered packages and/or contract miles, as well as other terms of the agreement. Whether you care about time or save your shipping costs, it`s important to understand the freight pricing conditions and, in particular, the conditions under which FedEx identifies your contract for this service. This section is subject to special commercial conditions – as well as to all sections – and express deliveries, domestic deliveries and volume deliveries should be taken into account. Unique in this area is also a discount program based on the volume of shipments. As in other sections of the FedEx contract, you don`t want to give up the money-back guarantee that FedEx offers for all shipments. FedEx Ground refers to independent companies with which it deducts transportation service contracts as “service providers.” Finally, we need to review the mbG/CSR terms of your agreement.

While UPS generally does not contain language regarding Guaranteed Service Refunds (CSGs), unless there is a specific waiver statement, each separate FedEx agreement contains its own choice of words regarding the Money Back Guarantee Right (MBG). The key concept it should understand through the FedEx agreement is that it is still separated by sections for Express (Air) and Ground. Depending on your company and representatives, you may also have separate agreements for international export and import, so the more diverse your shipping profile, the more important it is to make sure you have all your current agreements in hand before you dive deep into a comprehensive price review. ICC`s Carrier Contract Management and Management Services protect you from being bound by an agreement that has been involuntarily renewed automatically. Throughout the term of the contract, ICC identifies savings and service improvements to reduce costs and improve overall service. We hope this article helps you better understand how to read and interpret a FedEx agreement, whether it`s your current pricing or a new proposal your FedEx employee sends you. In addition, we hope this series will help you understand how each carrier presents its prices in different ways, unique for UPS and FedEx. As the two carriers get closer and closer in terms of freight rates, accessories (the final step is fedex, their fuel surcharges are closer to ups) and oversize requirements, each carrier will continue to provide its own type of complexity to a transport or logistics manager…

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