Royal Mail Election Material Agreement

Shane O`Riordain, Director of Regulatory Management and Corporate Affairs, said: “In the event of a labour dispute on the eve of the general elections, election mail will be our top priority. We will invest considerable resources to ensure a transparent process for handling postal voting materials. Royal Mail volunteers will also work on the processing and distribution of election mail. Nov 4 (Reuters) – Royal Mail`s main union on Monday rejected an offer the company says aims to avoid a strike that could affect mail deliveries ahead of December`s general election. “The recent vote on union actions does not necessarily mean that union actions will take place. In addition, Royal Mail continues to believe that a binding commitment by the CWU to eliminate the threat of strikes during the parliamentary election period is essential to ensure a smooth electoral process with regard to postal votes.┬áRoyal Mail Royal Mail and CWU have agreed on an average increase in the payment of election materials per unit of election materials, which was delivered during the last general election. The increase is paid retroactively to cover election documents already provided. Royal Mail volunteers would work on processing and delivering election mail, he added. “If Royal Mail is serious about avoiding disruption to the postal service, they will put on the table an offer that protects the jobs, conditions and service they offer to the public and businesses,” Ward said in an email.

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