The Growing Space Service Agreement

Support Coordination Videos:Support Coordination – Connecting to Elder Care ServicesWhat is Support Coordination? 2. A copy of your service contract of less than 4 pages, as well as an Easy English version. The Growing Space: site for families and people with disabilities. It offers great resources for people with disabilities and NDIS Assistance Coordination. We want an email that clearly and thoroughly explains your service. Here are the things that suppliers didn`t include in their marketing emails to The Growing Space in JUST THE PAST WEEK. 3. Create a new service contract It is important that you and your new support coordinator understand what is involved in this new partnership. You will have a document called a “service contract” that will explain it. It is important that you understand the roles and are well aware of their service fees.

2. We don`t want to have a sales interview with you, so please stop asking. We`re all so busy and we don`t have time. In addition, we are only paid to provide services to subscribers. The time spent with you is therefore a time for which we are not compensated. 1. A simple English explanation of your services in an accessible format. We want an email that clearly and thoroughly explains your services.

Just last week, my organization, The Growing Space, received marketing emails from vendors that don`t contain: The Growing Space is a dedicated social enterprise and has a proven track record, with seven years, that offer independent support services for NDIS participants. We also recently successfully applied for our $1.1 million NDIS ILC grant to expand our work to help NDIS participants and families. 3. UpSkill Directory (shortly) A directory of NDIS support coordinators and experts for related health experts is being compiled and will be streamed live in early 2021. Here you can look for support coordinators and associated health professionals who have the skills and experience to help you. Check out this area for exciting updates! 2. Terminate your agreement with your former support coordinatorYou can contact your former support coordinator by phone or email and tell them that you no longer need their services. Before you do this, you should check your service agreement with them to check if you need to give a notification. If you are managed by an agency, you must ask your former support coordinator to cancel their service reservation on the portal.

Don`t feel uncomfortable when changing support coordinators. It is important that you have the choice and control of your support and that you have a good relationship with your support coordinator. . . .

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